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Delivering Operational Excellence and Improved Business Performance

Our Approach 

We use our Lean knowledge and coaching skills to improve business performance and overall efficiency at any level in the client organisation.

Using Lean processes, tools and techniques, we engage people and develop a rapport and good working relationships to DELIVER whatever the current business challenge demands. This can mean challenging norms or the status quo at any level in an organisation.

With most businesses we will start with an intensive “Discovery Phase” before defining various Projects / Work Streams which are tailored to the client's needs, which we believe will improve client performance with respect to Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and People. Once these are agreed, we would then define a plan or “Road Map” for business improvement to support a state of Recovery, Stability or Growth.

We help clients improve their operational performance using our Lean knowledge and coaching skills. Some of the client activiites that we have focused on in recent times include:

Lean Learning Academies

We identify suitable candidates with the client who show suitable skills to become Change Agents for the client. They then receive expert training and subsequent coaching to embed their newly acquired skills in their own functional activities, thus enabling the change to be sustained from within the organisation. The persons identified would be immersed in Lean tools and techniques and encouraged to relate this back to their own working environment.

Visual Management – Managing Performance Improvement

This has to be one of the most efficient ways to manage any organisation or indeed a project. This allows businesses to meet key performance indicators defined by the client. Many businesses have ”information centres” or “war rooms” to assist, but many don’t really capitalise on their true purpose or value by actually managing the business needs. Communication and sharing of vital information across several functions is key, with all the relevant stakeholders taking an active role in its operation. Clear issues management must also be in place, with a central figure to lead and challenge the data presented; this allows real change and a sense of urgency to be introduced as well as delivering on time and to budget.

Lean Product Development 

This is the part of Lean which most product based businesses are still to embrace even today. This forms the basis of knowledge management and product iteration and release in a timely manner.

Lopaz has developed a Lean Product Development offering to help businesses understand that it is not just at the end of the process where improvements can be made, but it has just as much, if not greater, impact at the design stage.

Sustained Change – “Cultural”

One of the success criteria to any business or process improvement is the sustainability of any changes that have been made. This is why it is so important to get the right people engaged with the process and for senior managers to be seen as key advocates and supporters of the change process. Without this, change becomes only an ”instant hit” or “ flavour of the month” and although some short term benefits are realised, the true potential of real improvement is not fostered in the business and this then dissipates and returns to the status quo. At Lopaz we aim to change this by making “sustained change” through engaging and enlightening your people by developing a “new ways of working” culture not only with tools and techniques but also by investing time with the people in the business who will actually make the difference.

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