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Yogurt Manufacturer – North America

Lopaz supported work with a major Yogurt manufacturer who were keen to introduce Lean thinking to their business.

We carried out major “Value Stream Analysis” work for yogurt production and worked with the management team to identify improvements to management style and efficiencies. Using tools such as “Day in the Life” we were able to pinpoint where the management team struggled for time to actually have input to improve activities themselves, being caught up in the “Business as Usual” scenario.

There was also a lack of clear business KPI and with working with the Management team we were able to identify clear KPI and introduced some basic visual management which we helped to support until the client eventually took it over.

We were able to take a balanced look at the Management team and identify how effective and efficient they were in day to day operations. They were left with business and personal development plans which would be monitored going forward.

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